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service glossary

coastal color

This signature color service lightens the entire head. Adding dimension to blondes, brunettes, and redheads with a technique that ensures the most natural-looking color. Service includes bond builder to ensure the safest blonding practice, a gloss, and maintenance cut. Recommended for first-time clients and anyone in need of a blonde overhaul.


mini blonding

Ideal for those looking to touch up the hairline of their coastal color, or add a few more pieces of dimension to their preexisting highlights. This blonding service does not include your cut.                    

Only available to existing coastal color clients*


single + blonding

A base color is applied to the roots and complemented with highlights.


single + cut

A popular service to cover grays paired with a haircut.



You get it, right?

$70 +


Brazilian Blowout is an amino acid based treatment that combats frizz.


partial blonding

This signature color service is used along the perimeter and the top of the hair to maintain coastal color. Recommended between full blonding services. Service includes bond builder to ensure the safest blonding practice as well as a maintenance cut.

$275 +

single process

Color is applied to the roots to cover gray

$100 +


A demi-permanent color that wears many hats. A gloss can intensify and add shine, or change existing color. It is a tool to control the tonality of your strands, with the ability to add desired and eliminate those that are unwanted.


back to basics

Created for blondes looking to go back to their roots, or anyone looking for color at least three levels darker. A popular service that brings a healthy depth of color back into the hair by filling the strand and correcting any unwanted tones.

$210 +

blow out

Shampoo and blow out.

It is an additional cost for iron styling, at the discretion of your stylist*

$50 +

foot notes

As a salon housing independent artists, pricing may vary between stylists*

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